Omnomnom! Sembei!

This post isn’t about Shika Sembei at all!

Oh, all right. Here’s a picture of me feeding a deer in Nara Park.

Nara Deer

I’ll be moving on to start covering Hong Kong soon, so my next few posts regarding Japan will be the last on the subject for a little while. After that I’m heading to the USA, so posts will likely begin to cover the sights of deepest Texas once I return – I should, however, have enough articles written before I go so that the blog can auto-publish in my absence.

If you have any questions, or things you’d like to see me write about, feel free to leave a comment below 😀



2 thoughts on “Omnomnom! Sembei!

  1. When I was in Nara, I saw a lady feeding the deer senbei. When it was all gone she walked away. The deer didn’t like that. I swear he narrowed his eyes. I guess it wanted more. The angry deer bit her on the butt. Hard. She screamed and jumped like she’d been goosed.

    It looked funny because I never imagined a deer being that kind of aggressive. But it liked like it hurt.

    Those cute little Nara deer? Hmmm. Well, they are tiny.

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