Lotte Department Store, Busan, South Korea

Am I really posting about a Department Store? You bet your butt I am. You see, the branch of Lotte in Gwangbok, Busan, has one of Busan’s best sights: The four-storey hourly water-fountain display.

Photos of Lotte Department Store Gwangbok Branch, Busan
This photo of Lotte Department Store Gwangbok Branch is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The show lasts approximately ten minutes, and there is seating on the ground floor, as well as balconies on the next three floors which allow you to view the flawlessly-choreographed fountains in comfort.

When I first heard of this feature, I popped a note in my itinerary and thought we’d only visit if we had a spare couple of hours in the day. We did, one day, but I think this is something well worth making the time for. I took a video, but it isn’t terribly good, so I’m afraid I’m going to show you one from YouTube:

The fountain’s precision is so great that words can be spelled out in the water as it falls. The choreography is altered seasonally, so the display that you see is unlikely to match the ones shown here.

After viewing the water display, head up to the roof for some of the best views over Busan.



The roof also features a wonderful garden and outdoor space, which is sometimes used for exhibitions or fairs. During my visit there was a children’s book fair.


After enjoying the evening sunshine, you can head back down again via escalators, elevators, shops and cafes. There’s even a children’s English Language school on one level, although it’s somewhat tragically named.


Visiting Lotte Busan:

Take Subway Line 1 to Nampodong Station, and use Exit 10. This exit leads directly into the department store.



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